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Summary Darwin is based on FreeBSD 5.0 and is available as open source (free) in source code form. It offers networking, performance and security for the workstation and server. It is also the core of the Mac OS X, but does not include a number of APIs and UI components specific to the Mac (so Mac software will not run on Darwin).
News 18-Sep-2014 Release 14.0 available (corresponds to Mac OS X 10.10)
11-Jun-2013 Release 13.0 available (corresponds to Mac OS X 10.9)
16-Feb-2012 Release 12.0 available (corresponds to Mac OS X 10.8)
12-Oct-2011 Relase 11.2 available (corresponds to Mac OS X 10.7.2)
6-Jan-2011 Release 10.6 available (corresponds to Mac OS X 10.6.6)
28-Aug-2009 Release 10.0 available
15-Nov-2007 Darwin 9.1 available
10-Jan-2006 Darwin 8.4 available
29-Apr-2005 Darwin 8.0 available
10-Aug-2004 Darwin 7.5 available (corresponds to Mac OS X 10.3.5)
5-Apr-2000 Apple Releases Darwin 1.0 Open Source
Product Darwin
Processor 386 or better (x86 version)
RAM 32 MB or more (64 MB Recommended)
Drive space 800 MB or more (2 GB Recommended)
Drives Runs from hard disk, root (non-bootable ufs) partition must boot from separate primary partition that has the boot loader (booster).
Video Monochrome or VGA (VGA or better for GUI desktop)
File systems UFS
Compatibility BSD Programs
Programs built for Linux, SCO, DOS, NetBSD and BSDI with compatibility modules
Interface Text-based, graphics when using GUI desktop
Installation Install in any primary UFS partition, requires separate 1MB booster partition to boot.
Variants Workstation
Versions 1.0 Apr-2000
1.4 Oct-2001
6.0 Feb-2002
7.0 Oct-2003
7.5 Aug-2004
7.7 Dec-2004
7.9 Apr-2005
8.0 Apr-2005
8.1 May-2005
8.2 Jul-2005
8.3 Oct-2005
8.4 Jan-2006
8.5 Feb-2006
8.6 Apr-2006
8.7 Aug-2007
8.8 Nov-2006
8.9 Apr-2007
9.0 Oct-2007
9.1 Nov-2007
10.0 28-Aug-2009
10.1 10-Sep-2009
10.2 9-Nov-2009
10.3 29-Mar-2010
10.4 15-Jun-2010
10.5 11-Nov-2010
10.6 6-Jan-2011
10.7 21-Mar-2011
10.8 23-Jun-2011
11.0 20-Jul-2011
11.1 16-Aug-2011
11.2 12-Oct-2011
12.0 16-Feb-2012
12.5 12-Sep-2013
13.0 11-Jun-2013
14.0 18-Sep-2014
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Publisher Apple, Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

Phone: 408.996.1010
Support Unknown
Alternatives BSD, Linux, Windows 8, Server 2012, Solaris
Secrets BSD stands for "Berkeley Software Distribution" the name chosen by Berkeley Computer Systems Research Group when the UNIX was first distributed.
Pricing Free (Open Source) 200 MB download, $30 for 2 CD set
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