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Serenity Systems International
Available , Supported
Nov-1985 (originally OS/2)
GUI, Multi-Threaded
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Summary eComStation is the successor to IBM's OS/2 providing an advanced, high-security, reliable multitasking operating GUI system. Includes OpenOffice and other applications. Many improvements have been made since OS/2 4 including wider range of hardware support including USB, SATA drivers, Athlon 64-bit CPUs, installation enhancements and updated drivers.
News 20-May-2011 Version 2.1 GA Available
28-Aug-2009 Version 2.0 Silver Release
31-Aug-2007 Version 2 Release Canidate available
28-Feb-2007 Version 2 Beta 4 available
10-Jan-2006 Version 2 Beta program announced
12-Aug-2004 Version 1.2 Released
Product eComStation 1.2
Processor Pentium 133 Mhz or better
RAM 48 MB minimum (64 MB+ recommended)
Drive space 500 MB (1 GB recommended)
Drives Runs from hard disk, a limited prompt operation from diskette
Video PCI or AGP based VGA (SVGA recommended) with 512 KB minimum
File systems FAT, HPFS, JFS
Compatibility OS/2 32-bit programs
OS/2 device drivers
Windows 16-bit programs (most)
DOS programs (with good compatibility, except for most advanced games)
Interface GUI
Installation Installs on any primary partition on the first drive, installs on any drive - primary or logical if Boot Manager is installed first. Boot Manager can be removed after install if using System Commander for OS management.

eComStation can upgrade an existing eComStation environment and OS/2 4.0.
Variants Home & Student
Business Edtion
Server Edition
Versions 12-Aug-2004 v1.2
10-Apr-2006 v2 Beta 2
28-Feb-2007 v2 Beta 4
31-Aug-2007 v2 RC2
28-Aug-2009 v2.0
20-May-2011 v2.1
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eComStation Home Page
Books Books on Operating Systems - OS/2
Publisher Serenity Systems International
765 Juniper Lane
Lewisville, Texas 75077

Phone: (888) 299-6483
Web : /
Support Available
Alternatives Windows, Linux, Solaris
Voyager (a replacement targeted specifically at OS/2)
Secrets No
Pricing Full package - $259
Upgrade from OS/2 Warp 4 - $219
Upgrade from eComStation v1.2 or 2.0 - $149
Home & Student Full - $149
Compare n/a

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