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There are a large number of Linux Distributions, of which we've highlighted a number of the most popular Linux distributions that run on the PC platform (or a few that were popular but have dropped out of favor).

This is a more complete list and links to The OS Files (bold items), related publishers or organization's web sites. Versions made for for embedded applications and those that do not support x86 platforms are not included.

Android Google based x86 version
CentOS logo
CentOS Enterprise class Linux
Corel Linux For desktops, GUI install
Debian logo
Debian Linux Stable Workstation or Server
Fedora Logo
Fedora Linux support by Red Hat & Fedora Foundation

Linux that can be automatically optimized and customized

Knoppix logo
Knoppix Linux that runs directly from CD Linux
Mandriva logo
Linux-Mandriva Workstation and Server, w/Open Office.
Minux 3 logo
Minux A very compact OS for embedded and resource limited environments. Previous versions also used for educational situations.
OpenLinux Caldera Workstation and Server (no longer supported)
PCLinuxOS Logo
PCLinuxOS Easy to Use Linux for the home
Red Hat logo
Red Hat Linux Workstation and Server and other editions
slackware logo
Slackware Linux Non-commercial Linux
Stampede Fast and easy Linux (development stopped in March 2002)
Storm Linux Linux based on Debian (inactive since Apr-2001)
SUSE logo
SUSE Linux Workstation and Server, GUI install
Turbo Linux logo
TurboLinux Workstation, Server and Multiple Cluster Server editions
Ubuntu Linux
Ubuntu Linux Debian based desktop Linux

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