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v3.31 1998
Text based, multi-tasking
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Summary Digital Research created DR DOS as an compatible alternative to MS/PC-DOS. It was purchased by Novell, and renamed Novell DOS, then purchased by Caldera and named OpenDOS. Caldera made it open source, and has transferred rights to its wholly owned subsidiary Lineo. It was then sold to DeviceLogics, where it appears to no longer be available as open source or as a free download. A new company DRDOS, Inc. now has the rights to DRDOS.
News Jun-2006 New company DRDOS active.
Apr-2006 Devicelogics and DRDOS web sites no longer active
18-Nov-2002 Devicelogics acquires DR-DOS..
This DOS has been updated to include Y2K fixes and renamed back to DR-DOS!
Product DR-DOS 7.03
Processor 286 or better
RAM 512 KB
Drive space 5 MB (assumed)
Drives Runs from hard disk or diskette
Video Monochrome, CGA, EGA, VGA or better
File systems FAT, FAT32 (maybe - there was a v8 that supported FAT32, but it no longer appears available on the web site.
Compatibility DOS programs
DOS device drivers
Interface Text based OS. With the addition of Windows 3.x, the user gets a GUI like OS.
Installation DOS must be installed on a primary partition on the first drive. All other Primary partitions MUST be hidden, or DR-DOS will not boot.
Variants Commercial License
TCP/IP Version
Free version (no longer?)
Versions v3.31 1988 - First single user release
v4.41 1988 - OEM release (for pre-installs)
v5.0 1991 - First retail version
v6.0 1991 - Adds disk compression, disk optimizer, etc.
v7.00 1994 - Novell-DOS, network support, memory management
v7.01 1997 - Novell DOS, Caladera DOS, OpenDOS, and back to DR-DOS!
v7.02 1997 - DR-OpenDOS, DR-DOS again!
v7.03 1998 - DR-DOS
v8.0 2004 DR-DOS from Devicelogics (which may not be available any longer)
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387 South 520 West, Suite 215
Lindon, UT 84042

Phone: (801) 722-7070
Web :

Support None
Alternatives FreeDos, Windows, Linux
Pricing v7.03 Single user license $35
Unlimited use license, $25,000
Compare n/a

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